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Kensa Supreme comfort Farrow & Ball painted dog bed

Cornish for 'first'
A luxury painted dog bed, gently cut away on all sides. Hand crafted in Cornish Beech and painted in your choice of Farrow and Ball finish.

Sweeping curves keep the orthopaedic natural fibre supreme comfort mattress firmly in place.

Choose from 24 Farrow and Ball shades in either Estate Eggshell (20% sheen), Modern Eggshell (40% sheen) or for a statement piece Full Gloss (90% sheen) finish. Farrow and Ball is renown for its richly pigmented paint. These finishes are washable and wipeable. Suitable for everyday family life, they are water-based, low odour and safe for both children and pets.

The price includes the painted solid wood surround, the natural fibre mattress, a robust mattress protector, one decorative cover of your choice and delivery to the UK.

Milo & Pi dog beds are made in Cornwall, from ‘fallen’ beech trees, air dried and seasoned locally over several years. They are manufactured using traditional joinery techniques such as mortise and tenon and dowel joints. Each dog bed is fitted with a unique natural fibre mattress and your choice of a washable, upholstery grade fabric cover.

Raised from the ground to protect from drafts, the base is made from birch plywood to provide rigidity and strength to the frame and aeration for the natural mattress. This base is finished with several coats of pure Tung Oil (may contain traces of nuts).

Paint finish
Paint Colour
Fabric Cover
Side Pillow
Bolster Back
from £987.98

Painted wooden dog bed

A luxury wooden dog bed painted in your choice of Farrow and Ball finish. Master craftsman made  from solid Cornish Beech fitted with a natural fibre orthopaedic mattress for supreme comfort and support edge-to-edge.  

The price includes the painted solid wood surround, the natural fibre mattress, a robust mattress protector, one decorative cover of your choice and delivery to the UK.


Bed sides – solid timber

These beds are crafted from ‘fallen’ Cornish Beech, naturally air dried over many  years before being hand selected for these dog beds.

Farrow & Ball paint

Each bed is painted in two Farrow & Ball primer coats before 4 coats of your desired finish to give a durable richly pigmented Farrow & Ball appearance.

  • Washable & Wipeable
  • Eco-friendly, minimal VOC
  • Water based, low odour and safe for children and pets.

Base – birch plywood

Common birch is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that colonises open areas quickly through the use of its abundantly produced seeds. It is most abundant in Northern Europe. As a plywood it is prized for its strength and natural layered beauty. The base is hand treated with several coats of pure Tung Oil. An oil commonly used on food contact surfaces such as kitchen work tops, chopping boards and salad bowls, it provides a long-lasting matt finish and is water and heat resistant. However, it is an oil extracted from nuts, so therefore might not be suitable for households with nut allergies.

Natural mattresses

Fitted with a natural, supreme comfort mattress with a robust washable stripe ticking mattress cover. Choose  a decorative fabric cover to suit your home interior. All our products are designed with hygiene in mind and the covers are machine washable on a 30 degree wool wash. Find out more about caring for your new dog bed

Our mattresses use natural and recycled products:

  • Small natural mattress – organic lambswool, recycled Denim, coconut husk
  • Medium and large natural mattress – organic lambswool, coconut husk and natural latex

Mattress covers

Our natural mattress filings are held in place by unbleached calico cover and fitted with a removeable natural cotton ticking. The covers are treated with an OEKO-TEX® certified hypoallergenic natural geraniol to prevent bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitoes and moths. This treatment is of 100% plant origin and is made up of essential oil extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus to protect your mattress from pests in the greenest and most natural way.

Upholstery covers

Both our decorative fabric cover and ticking mattress protective cover are machine washable on 30 degree wool wash.

Please view your selected fabric's composition on the fabric page

Dimensions & specifications

Dimensions may vary slightly due to the working thickness and natural grain of the timber board


  Standard medium   

Tall medium   


Mattress length cm





Mattress width cm





Mattress depth cm





External bed length cm





External bed width cm





Standing height at highest point cm   


Weight kilos

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